Welcome to PHOTOZBYJOHN!  My name is John M Dalebozik, I live in Lockport Manitoba Canada.   I am an amateur hobby photographer, continually learning and improving my skills.  I use a Canon T3/ T6i with various lenses, and associated equipment.  I have recently added a drone to my photography bag.  I enjoy photographing nature, animals, vacation destinations, landscape, sunsets, sunrises and my family.  Please stop by and enjoy some of my photos.  Content always changing.

A drone sunset photo over the Red River, Manitoba Canada.

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Last full moon of 2020 !

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A late fall display of nature’s beauty.

Sample black and white

Please feel free to stop by and browse my photos.  It means a lot to me, knowing other people are enjoying these images.  Please leave a comment, suggestion or critique!

A foot bridge over a Highway 59 connecting the Greater Winnipeg Floodway to Birds Hill Provincial Park.

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John M Dalebozik